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Teh World Ends With Yo

2009-03-24 10:49:59 by SpAMCAN0

For once, I am working on a film that WILL get released!

Teh World Ends With Yo, written by me and a few mates. We have given the script to a few folks, and they love it.

Anyone who wants to help at all, tell me. Otherwise wait a few days and the Animatic of the Trailer will be done. I will upload it to Youtoob.

See you then.

Happy Birthday Me :D

2009-01-23 11:28:48 by SpAMCAN0

Its my birthday. I am now 14, and I got a bike, a jacket, cycling gloves and a scart adapter (I desperately needed one).

Now I hope I am not killed at school (Birthday Beats)!

EDIT: Yahoo! Thanks to a power failure the heating generator is down, meaning NO SCHOOL! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!

Screw AS3! No wait... SCREW CS4!

2008-11-22 15:23:03 by SpAMCAN0

Why, why, WHY?

Why on Earth does Adobe have to screw up actionscript? Why does AS3 never work properly? And why do I need AS3 for 3D in CS4?

God I need AS3 help...

I can't believe it. CS4 is so unbelievably crap! I am actually going to go back to CS3! Thanks for the 3d and all Adobe, but if it dosn't work, don't put it in! And definitely don't force us to use AS3!

Fighting An Enemy You Can't Touch

2008-10-19 05:08:17 by SpAMCAN0

I have signed on to Extra Life, a Sarcastic Gamer Cancer Fundraiser. dInk

I may be a week late but oh well!

PUHLEASE DOHNATE! (Supposed To Be Spelled Like That!) etCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=210&srcid=21 1&frsid=1349

Line Rider Collab

2008-09-28 12:11:43 by SpAMCAN0

Hiya! Here i am yet again trying to make another collab! This time it's Line Rider!
Here's the specks:
*FPS: 15
*BCKGRD: White
*Size: 550x400
*Every short must be in own scene.
*Must have your username somewhere on the screen.

Thanks everybody, everybody!


2008-08-26 13:06:33 by SpAMCAN0

Has anyone ever gotten a call from 01269598400? The company is MOBILES 4 YOU and they suck balls. They keep calling me and all they do is hang up! It turns out that it is a division of the 3 Network and I want to burn their offices!

Send hate mail to:
TEL: 08700611469
SNAIL: 24 College Street
SA18 1AF

Half Life DS

2008-08-19 03:02:49 by SpAMCAN0

So not flash related but I just found this: QUAKE DS

And a thought hit me, "Wasn't Half-Life originally built on the Quake game engine? (Modified, now called GOLDSOURCE). So why not? If some one did a ds homebrew of Quake why not Half-Life?

Just a thought, but any advanced DS coders may wish to try this out :D

PS: My website is coming along pretty nicely!

Half Life DS


2008-07-27 02:46:33 by SpAMCAN0

Okay, yestarday I posted PORTAL: Still Spoofed as an attempt to get more interest for the collab.

Here are the new specs:
FPS 18
SIZE 550 400

PM Me if you wish to join!

PS: Please rate and review on Portal: Still Spoofed!

Portal Collab

2008-07-22 14:16:33 by SpAMCAN0

Hey guys, just started work on a Portal Collab called PORTAL: Still Getting Spoofed.

Anyone who wants to join here are the specs:
Framerate: 24
Background: Pure black

PM me with your submissions!

Blaidd Drwg

2008-06-21 14:59:45 by SpAMCAN0

"Blaidd Drwg..."
"What does it mean?"
"Blaidd Drwg... Bad Wolf..."
"Ive heard that before... many times before..."
"Two words following us wherever we go... Bad Wolf."

If you live in the UK or have access to the UK BBC iPlayer you MUST watch the new episode of Doctor Who! The next one has every new series companion, and everyone from Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood! Wow... I can't wait for next Saturday!

"I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words. I scatter them ... in time, and space. A message to lead myself here."